Thanks for visiting the AquaSprout Farms LLC website.  You will be provided with fresh, locally grown and sustainable leafy greens, herbs and tilapia (yes, the fish!) that are free of toxic chemicals.  The products are grown in a greenhouse using the aquaponics system of agriculture and are available on a year-round basis.

  fresh  local

The greenhouse is located in Branchburg, NJ on the site of the JP Vermuelen & Son Inc. nursery. Note that most leafy greens found in grocery stores travel an average of 2000 miles over 2 weeks before they get to the retailer. OURS ARE GROWN LOCALLY and will have a significantly longer freshness dating!  The produce can be harvested in the morning and on your dinner table in the evening.


Aquaponics is a sustainable agricultural method that produces food without depleting the earth’s resources or polluting its environment.  This form of agriculture enables the growing of healthful food without compromising future generations’ ability to do the same.

chemical free

Aquaponics requires no synthetic fertilizers or toxic chemical pesticides. Plants are grown from non-GMO seeds The fish waste becomes a rich natural fertilizer. Note: chemical fertilizer production contributes to 33% of green-house gasses, consumes 2% of the world’s energy production and has long-term adverse impact on soil organisms and productivity. 


Crops are grown and harvested year-round in a greenhouse. As a result, the locally grown products are never “out of season”. 

OUR  Team

In  the  beginning  ………….

 AquaSprout Farms LLC is a start up venture that has its roots in the environmental consciousness of two brothers, Keith and Stephen Mitzak.  An appreciation for nature and the outdoors was instilled in them by their mother, Eileen, through the many camping and skiing trips in the Northeast, summer vacations at the Jersey Shore, environmental clinics at the Outer Banks of North Carolina and fishing at the Ann Van Middlesworth park in Hillsborough NJ. After graduating from York College of Pennsylvania with degrees in Finance and Accounting, respectively, they became curious about methods and opportunities to preserve and protect the environment.  They became aware of and intensely interested in aquaponics. Both Keith and Stephen have participated in sustainable agriculture and aquaponics workshops across the country. 

Live well. Eat right. Stay strong.